Monday, March 15, 2010


Two weeks ago I got outside to ride for the first time since returning home from Chattanooga on Feb. 12. In two and a half weeks I had logged over 45 hours on my CompuTrainer, while many of my friends were busy enjoying the snow -- either cross country or downhill skiing. Having skied since I was 6 years old, some folks were mystified as to why I too was not out having fun in the snow. There were times that I was wondering that myself!

My question was answered as I watched an interview of Apollo Anton Ono on the last weekend of the Olympics. He talked about the racer's desire to have the "perfect race" in an "imperfect" situation, and how critical every aspect of training was when working toward that goal. Perfection is hard to achieve, and Apollo reminded viewers that an athlete "gives up a lot" to accomplish his/her goals.

As a coach and competitor I readily identified with the "giving up" part. While my lifestyle of ride, ride, ride, might look appealing to the 9-5 crowd, I can ride that much because I continually train, train, train -- on my bike. I work early mornings and late nights, so I'm pretty ignorant about things like TV shows and movies. Well rounded, I am not! Goals in cycling demand training on the bike, training very specifically, so I am in the gloom of my basement when the white stuff is out there to play in. The payoff is pretty instantaneous as soon as the snow melts, though. That first ride outside was amazing as I rode past snow banks that towered over my head.

Friday, March 5, 2010

My Professional Bio

I was asked to prepare this for the folks at Potato Hill Farm Outdoor Education Center, so I thought I would post it in case anyone else was interested.

Margaret E. Thompson

Margaret Thompson Cycling Coaching Services

Margaret Thompson Enterprises, Inc.


  • President of Margaret Thompson Enterprises, Inc.
  • USA Cycling Licensed Level 1 (Elite) Coach
  • Category 1 Mountain Bike Racer
    • Two time UCI World Championship Master Mountain Bike Silver Medallist
    • One National Championship
  • Category 2 Cyclocross Racer
    • Six bronze medals at USA Cycling National Championships
  • Category 3 Road Racer
    • Seven National Championships on single bike and tandem
    • Multiple Medals at National Championships for single bike and tandem


  • Utica College, ‘96
    • Major -- CPA Accounting
    • Minor – Speech Communication
      • Interpersonal
      • Organizational
  • USA Cycling Coaching Education Programs, leading up to Level 1 Certification in 2007


  • Assistant to Fort Lewis College (Durango, CO) coaching staff at Collegiate National Mountain Bike Championships – 1998, 1999, 2001.
  • Assistant Coach for Colorado State University (Fort Collins, CO) at Collegiate National Mountain Bike Championships – 2005
  • Head Coach for Central Open Cycling Team, Empire State Games – 2005 thru 2008
  • Head Coach and head Mountain Bike Program Consultant for Potato Hill Farm Outdoor Educational Center, Boonville, NY – 2008 – present
  • Assistant Coach at USA Cycling Elite Junior Mountain Bike Camp, Mt. Snow, Vermont – 2009
  • Assistant Coach at SCV Winter Training Camp, Suwannee, TN – 2010
  • Ongoing – Individual work with new riders for the Ride for Missing Children – 2003 to present
  • Ongoing – Private Coaching Practice since 2003


  • I moved to the Mohawk Valley area when I was 4 and was educated in local Catholic schools.
  • My husband Phil and I have two daughters who have made cycling just one of the many activities that they are passionate about.
  • Although I have raced and trained in Europe, Canada, and all over the United States I consider this area to have some of the finest road riding and mountain bike terrain. The beauty of this area is outstanding.

My goals as a cycling coach are two-fold:

  • To help cyclists of all abilities formulate and then achieve their cycling goals.
  • To foster a love for sport and the outdoors through cycling, enabling the athlete to become a more fulfilled and balanced person. It is my hope that this fulfillment will provide a platform for each individual to become a better person in his or her world.